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Scarlett Johansson has four nude scenes in the upcoming movie Under the Skin and countless others where she's in her underwear or showing off major cleavage.

27 Mar 2013, Nudity info

Detailed review of Rosario Dawson's nude scenes in Trance by Papanesta:

"Full nude indeed. There is a side butt view first while she lies in bed. A few possible nipple views amongst various bed and swimming scenes, plus pokies through a shirt as she leaves after those.

19 Mar 2013, Nudity info

In feature movie Drinking Buddies (2013) Olivia Wilde teases the camera in her undies and in her bikini throughout the first third of the film, but 37 minutes in she delivers big time with boobs, butt and even a quick flash of furburger as she runs through the woods naked.

10 Mar 2013, Nudity info

(0:02) Adelaide Clemens is running through the woods in her panties. Then she gets caught in a trap and ends up dangling from a tree.

(0:06) Laura Ramsey is told to take off her towel. She drops it and we may see either a slight hint of bush or a merkin covering as Luke Evans looks at a scar on her belly.

28 Feb 2013, Nudity info

In Brian DePalma’s Passion, Rachel McAdams is shown kissing two different girls, and in lingerie, in a bubble bath and in the shower but she never gets naked. We do see Rachel wearing a silk negligee after said shower at about 61 minutes in. There is some major pokie action as Rachel applies some cream over her body.

28 Feb 2013, Nudity info

Gemma Arterton shows her ass in a thong in her very first scene in Byzantium. Gemma wears a lot of low cut clothing throughout and you may be able to see her nipples escape briefly in some scenes. Definitely at 66 and 70 minutes in, you can see most of Gemma’s right nipple as she is lying on her side.

16 Feb 2013, Nudity info

Amanda gets naked in a 7 scenes. Here are the details:

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